Niborama is the art blog of Cre8tive YouTH*ink,  a non-profit creative arts youth development organization. Using elements of developmental psychology, attachment theory, social justice youth development, and critical pedagogy, we collaborate with a wide range of professionals to design projects that revive the spirit of apprenticeship in the arts, pairing creative urban youths with top artists, journalists and technical professionals in the making of real works of art.moniqueandnicole

cynthiaraquelalexNiborama is a place for young writers to develop skills in arts journalism under the mentorship of former ARTnews Editor-in-Chief Robin Cembalest, who founded the blog in 2011. Covering such events as the McQueen show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an edgy design show at MoMA, a performance in Oliver Herring’s van, and most recently Cre8tive YouTH’s large-scale mural project in downtown Brooklyn, our young correspondents learn how to conceive story ideas, write clearly for a mainstream audience, craft a post on WordPress, and disseminate it through social media. Along the way they are trained in professional practice, ethical standards, and strategies for advancing their careers.

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