A Real Nose for News

Robin and Bobbin

Another day in the life of an art journalist. On a visit to the studio of William Wegman, who was previewing his upcoming show at Bowdoin College Museum of Art, I communed with one of of his weimaraners, Bobbin.

The show, “Hello Nature,” features Wegman’s famous, hilarious, and profound photo and videos of his charismatic canines, as well as works in a variety of other media–all of them inspired by the state of Maine, where he has long spent his summers.

Break a leg! Bobbin and Wegman rehearse for Karole Armitage's upcoming dance performance.

Bobbin also practiced his moves for “Werk!: The Armitage Gone Variety Show,” the five-day extravaganza starting Wednesday at the Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side. For the series, choreographer Karole Armitage collaborated with a number of artists including Wegman, Katy Perry cover boy Will Cotton, and shape-shifting performer Kalup Linzy. And we saw some of Wegman’s new postcard paintings that will be in his show opening May 7 at Sperone Westwater.

Looks like I was barking up the right tree!

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