As Artists, These Sheep Are Worth Their Salt

David Nyzio, Untitled (detail), 2007-2010. Courtesy Postmasters Gallery.

I saw a spider crawling around a David Nyzio sculpture at Postmasters the other day, so I wondered if word had gotten out in the animal community that this show features art made in collaboration with beavers and sheep. Maybe Nyzio, who has used insects to make it art in the past, has a following among bugs already, although his iridescent collages of butterfly wings would probably creep them out.

No animals were harmed in the making of this show, it would seem, though it’s possible that the beavers were upset when Nyzio removed the wood they had so efficiently gnawed before they got to put it to use in their dam. He added steel to it, transforming it into a Brancusian arc.

In the center of the gallery are bizarrely formed salt forms that look like a cross between dinosaur teeth and stalagmites. The sheep did the licking, and Nyzio did the picking.

The show, which also includes a series of mysterious works made with coal, is up through May 21.

2 responses

  1. I loved those salt licks! I’d love to have one, they’re so cool and they’re all completely different from one another. Truly unique pieces.

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